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Home Office: Dreams and Harsh Realities

When I moved into the house that I currently share with my life partner and stepcat, I decided that the spare bedroom would make an excellent home office for all the creating and writing and “business” things that I would probably be doing, eventually, as if moving into this house would turn me into a real adult instead of the cobbled together with crayon and construction paper fake adult that I pretend to be. With an inflated sense of ability, I set out to create the home office of my dreams.

I took ownership of my mom’s beautiful cherry desk that I imagined would imbue me with generations of creativity. She also gave me an oddly shaped antique chair with embroidered cushions that I fawned over for being unexpectedly comfortable. I bought a basic Ikea bookshelf in bright blue and artfully arranged my doodads and books, including such revered tomes as The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and Down The Rabbit Hole by former Hugh Hefner girlfriend Holly Madison.

I then proceeded to trash my home office with crap, crap, and more crap. And some literal trash. There’s a plastic bag full of trash on the desk.

This is awful.
Is it bad? It’s pretty bad, right? Worse than you imagined?

This is not the home office of my dreams. This is the home office of my reality: a bunch of junk tentatively organized into haphazard piles, more junk randomly scattered on top, and the utter elimination of any possibility that work could get done in this space.

I still have dreams, you know. I dream that I’ll wake up one morning with clean skin and a clear head instead of yesterday’s makeup and a Benadryl hangover. I’ll wake up and know that I’ve finally become an adult, a real adult, and I’ll be organized and productive and not tempted to put on the same leggings I’ve worn for four days in a row. I’ll finally deserve a great home office.

For now, though, I’m sitting on the couch clicking through photos of all my fantasy home offices. Maybe if I wish hard enough my dream home office will simply appear without me having to do any work, at all, ever.

fantasy home office: easy breezy beautiful

The dream: floating on a cloud of effortless feminine productivity, with a pop of graphic boldness to ground the zephyrs of creativity. I do not deserve this office.


fantasy home office: frank gehry goes shabby chic

If only I could sit in a Frank Gehry chair while I sketched, my art would materialize into intricate designs of modern yet delicate floral arrangements and streamlined geometric abstracts. The only things I sketch in my current chair are badly drawn cats, spaceships, and cats in spaceships.


fantasy home office: what is going on with that bookshelf

Do you think the chair is as comfortable as it is pretty? How does this bookshelf system work? Like, how would you find a particular book if you can’t see the spine? Do productive, organized adults possess some kind of book psychic ability? Would I become psychic in this office? Because I would be up for that.


fantasy home office: just give me all of it.

This is the blue bookshelf that my blue bookshelf will never be. I need that stupendous geometric rug, and I need that delicious chartreuse tray-on-a-stool, and I NEED THAT CLIPBOARD THAT SAYS “OKAY” AND I NEED IT NOW.


fantasy home office: that pegboard tho

I’m noticing that all of my fantasy home offices have one thing in common: they do not have plastic bags full of garbage on the desks. Unlike my actual home office.


fantasy home office: are those bunnies on the desk?

This is the home office of someone whose grandparents did a lot of farming and ranching to the point where they became millionaires, so they sent their children to fancy schools where they became business tycoons and married investment strategists and birthed a generation of over-financed under-motivated hipster entrepreneurs who love modern homesteading and Instagramming. I want this home office and the lifestyle attached to it.


Ultimately, I have to accept the fact that I will never have a gorgeous, perfectly organized, deliberately decorated home office because I’m not a gorgeous, perfectly organized, deliberately decorated person. I’m a pile of trash held together with glitter glue. Fine by me.

2 thoughts on “Home Office: Dreams and Harsh Realities

  1. I have a gorgeous home office nook in the corner of my dining room, which is painstakingly magazine-prettily decorated and involves a clean-lined white desk with gold corner brackets and lion-head drawer pulls that I convinced my dad to add to it because I am afraid of ruining both furniture and lives if I use a drill. instead of using this beautiful, perfect home office nook, I do all work on a filthy TV tray and routinely have to shake crumbs out of the keyboard of my laptop, because I am garbage.

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