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Sleep Mask Non-Tutorial

Any good vampire knows the importance of blocking out as much sunlight as possible from dawn until dusk. Unfortunately, after years of use and abuse my sturdy sleep mask finally turned into dust. What’s an undead creature of the night to do?

Bust out the stash and craft a new sleep mask!

Note the heavily filtered selfie. I actually look ten times worse in real life, if you can believe it.

I used a scrap of this precious pink and metallic Kokka cat print fabric for the front (I am slapping myself for not buying more of it when I had the chance), a piece of an old pink sheet for the back, and some navy blue fleece as a lining/light blocker. Used some black twill tape and sew-in Velcro for straps. (I thought about making a strap out of elastic but the Velcro was at the top of my fabric junk drawer. Exerting a tiny bit of effort to find some spare elastic? Nah.)

Terrible at crafting, terrible at photographing.

For such a simple project, I’m truly amazed at how crappy and ragged it turned out. Look at the straps – have you ever seen anything so excessively crooked in your life? (Maybe don’t look too closely, you’ll go cross-eyed.) I had hoped to create a tutorial, but since I screwed up at every step you’re much better off following the tutorial at the always adorable Tilly and the Buttons.

At least the sleep mask fits my abnormally giant head and effectively shuts out solar beams. That counts as a success. My avoidance of the sun continues unabated!

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