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Perfect Pattern Weights

Stop squandering the waning moments of your life.  Stop pinning.

Why have I spent so much time pinning patterns to fabric?  I guess it’s how I learned when I was a clumsy little beast and prone to knocking my patterns askew all the time.  It takes time and bloodshed to use pins, which is pretty metal, but not really great for whacking out a stack of garments in one go.  To solve this problem, a cottage industry has emerged.  I’ve read tutorials on the internet for making your own pattern weights; some people even sell them.  They’re often stacks of metal washers wrapped perplexingly in ribbon or bias tape. Do you have time to beribbon the humble washer? No, no you don’t.

There’s good news, though, for you crappy sewers out there.  (See what I did there?  I know people on the internet like to be called sewists, but I think SEWERS has a nice ring.)

The secret’s out. You know what you and most doomsday preppers have in common?  YOU HAVE CANNED FOODS.  Plop them down and get to cutting.  I just cranked out the pieces for THREE Made By Rae “Beatrix” tops in less time than a the radio edit of a Rush song.  This is no joke.  Use a generous spackling of cans until you gauge the bare minimum necessary to get the job done.  I think at the corners and along the barren highways of a long straight seam are all good candidates, but you do you.


(I know you’re coveting that Cotton and Steel.  It’s from the Fall 2016 Yours Truly collection, and you better believe the hot pink buttons I got to go with it are gonna blow your mind.)

Do you have a lazy pinning method that is even better?  Do tell!

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