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How To Make A Crappy Fabric Rope Basket

I’m a fabric scrap hoarder. Well, I’m an everything hoarder, and that includes hoarding fabric scraps.

I wanted to find something unusual to make with my scraps and came across this YouTube tutorial from Handmade Home:

Fabric Twine Tutorial

Amazing! Fun! Pretty! Easy! All of my favorite adjectives!

I chopped up a bunch of my scraps into 1 ½ inch strips, cued up a Netflix doc, and started to craft.

ugh fabric rope.

First of all: NOT EASY. The damn scraps kept unraveling while I was twisting them. Also the process hurt my fingers. (Also I am a baby.)

Then I decided to sew the rope into a stupid rope basket, with no tutorial except the images of rope baskets I had stored in my mental pinterest board. (Note: do NOT trust your mental pinterest board.)

While sewing the stupid basket, the stupid rope kept unraveling. I had to smoosh it around under the needle and reverse stitch a bunch to make it work. It looked abhorrently messy and gnarly, zigzags and threads everywhere.

The Awful, The Terrible, and The Crap.

Awful. Terrible. Crap.

I did a little photoshoot with a bird, which was fun.

Not having it.

The bird hated it though.

In conclusion, don’t make stupid fabric scrap rope because it’ll turn out like garbage. Because scraps are garbage. You’re using your garbage to make garbage. Garbage.

terrible craft

And then I gave it to my mom for Christmas and she loved it. 

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